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In the 1st century BC the Romans invaded Gaul and Britain. They were adept at drafting cultures, and Samhain was assimilated to the Day of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and gardens who was celebrated around 1 November, the time of the apple harvest.

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Quote from the Related Link: "In Roman mythology, Pomonawas the goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards."

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Q: The Romans called Halloween Pomona Who or what was Pomona?
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Where can you learn about Halloween and find what the Romans called Halloween?

They called it Pomona Day. See link.

What Roman god is Halloween associated with?


What did the Romans name pomona day for?

For the goddess of Pomona wich id goddess of the Harvest

What are people of Pomona called?

they are called pomonanyins

Why did the Romans make Halloween?

They didn't. Halloween is an ancient Celtic tradition.

What modern tradition that many perform during Halloweeen is probably associated with the roman holiday of pamona?

Bobbing for apples is a result of the Feast of Pomona. The Feast of Pomona was a Roman addition to the Celtic celebrations of Samhain, which has evolved into Halloween. Pomona was a Roman goddess and her symbol was an apple.

How did the romans celebrate Halloween?

They didn't. In fact the Romans probably never heard of it unless it was mentioned by some soldier stationed in the far north. Halloween has its roots in an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain. However the Romans did have a festival called Saturnalia which was a complete, crazy, turnabout time when some dressed up in oddball clothing, disguised their faces and played tricks on one another.

What did the Romans call holloween?

Halloween did not exist in the Roman days.

Was there a Roman god of pineapples?

No. Since the pineapple is indigenous to South America, it was unknown to the ancient Romans. However, Pomona was the goddess of fruit.

What is Pomona?

Pomona is best known as a place name. Pomona, California is an example of a place named Pomona.

What cultures influenced Halloween as we know it today?

Celtics, Romans and Christians

What is Halloween called in french?