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The most important significant changes dealt with materials.

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Q: The differences between a medieval craftsman and a renaissance artist can be summarized as?
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What were some of the differences between medieval and renaissance artist?

the differences are that Medieval artists decipted the birth of jesus. Renaissance artists focused on symbols

What was a skilled craftsman in medieval times?

The medieval craftsman association was called a guild.

What are the major differences of renaissance castles and medieval castles?

Medieval castles were more likely protective but not in a so smart way.The Renaissance was the time that everything changed, things got better than before

Who has power over a medieval craftsman?


How did Renaissance humanist thought differ from medieval thought?

Medieval times were more of a dark time where they was a lot os superstition and war but in renaissance times these people started to get more interested in artwork and more technologically advanced but there was still a lot of superstition there.

How was the medieval man different from the Renaissance man?

Renaissance man have more science then the medieval man.

What organizations controlled medieval industry?

The merchants and craftsman industries

The year of the renaissance were?

The medieval renaissance began around 1300

How were medieval and renaissance noble different?

The Renaissance nobles lived in cities and were active in trade, banking, and public life. This shows that the Renaissance nobles were smarter than the medieval nobles

What period was after the medieval times?

The Renaissance.

Does a medieval craftsman own his own home?

yes they did own a home

What is the difference between medieval and renaissance?

The renaissance came a few hundred years after the medieval times also greater discoveries were made in the renaissance such as artists who drew non religious paintings.