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Cane sugar was available during parts of the Middle Ages, but it was a food for wealthy people, and many poor people probably never experienced it.

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honey and sugar were both used. Sugar was, however very expensive.

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Q: Was honey or sugar used to sweeten foods in medieval times?
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What is a medieval helmet called?

It is called a helmet. They were also known as pot helmet or the sugar loaf helmet.The medieval helmets were made up of steels and they were used at the time of battles so as to protect an individual from the injury.

What condition led the europeans to begin exploring the unknown in the 1400s?

Sugar and Slavery. Europeans learned about the cultivation and processing of sugarcane from the Muslims during the 1100s. The introduction of sugarcane changed the diet of Europeans, who had formerly used honey and fruit pieces to sweeten their foods. Demand for sugar began to rise steadily. Eventually about 20 percent of all calories consumed in Europe came from sugar. Europeans set up sugar plantations on the Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Sicily. These locations, unlike most of Europe, provided the specific climate and type of soil sugarcane needs to grow well. Sugarcane cultivation requires heavy manual labor. the cane is tough and thick and has to be chopped down using heavy knifes. A huge amount of sugarcane has to be cut to produce a pound of sugar. Consequently, plantation owners needed a large labor force. To get people to do the work, they either had to pay very high wages or find a way to force people to do their work without paying them. As a result, the introduction of sugarcane farming encouraged Europeans to use enslaved workers and to enter into the slave trade.

What foods did people NOT eat in the Medieval Times?

In Medieval England, they did not have much in the way of tropical food, and what there was usually had to be imported from great distances. I don't know when the concept of an orangery developed, but it was probably not before the Renaissance, so there would have been no oranges or other citrus fruit. Bananas and pineapples were unknown. Foods from the new world had not been brought to Europe, so there was no maize, no potatos, no tomatoes, and many new world squashes and melons were absent. There were no new world beans, which is just about any beans except fava beans. They did have strawberries, as there were at least three European species, but the stawberries currently grown are North American.

What kind of cakes did Romans eat?

The ancient Roman cakes were different from our present day cakes because they did not use the ingredients that we use. Most of them were flat cakes many times layered. They had honey cakes, cheese cakes, and a cake called "placenta" (not the modern meaning of the word) which was layered with cheese, honey and pastry -- almost like a dessert lasagna.

What tools did a baker in the middle ages use?

· Medieval baking ovens were built into the masonry of the fireplace or as separate structures in a building called the bakehouse. They were heated by a wood fire. When the oven's walls were warm enough, the coals and ash were removed and baked goods were placed inside.