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Yes from the 5th century to the 15th

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I researched the internet on your behalf and found a web site that appears to address your question. The link to the web site is called List of archaeological periods and is displayed directly below this window.

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No, Christ was born in ancient times.

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Q: Were medieval times before Christ
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Was Jesus alive in medieval times?

The Medieval Period was from about 500 to 1500 AD. Christ had been dead for at least 500 years.

Why were most queens Catholic in Medieval Times?

There were no other Christian religions in medieval times. All Christian nations were Christian and still attending the Church that Christ founded.

Was first contact before or after Medieval Times?

First contact with the New World was after the times that are referred to as Medieval Times. Contact with the New World began in the 1400s while the Medieval Times began around the 1000s.

Were there sports other than archery and jousting during the Medieval Times?

There are many reports of games that resembled football (soccer) during medieval times and before.

What did Xerox mean in medieval times?

Neither the word "Xerox" nor the Xerox Corporation existed in medieval times. Xerox is a trademark and an invented word - invented around 1958. Xerxes, however, was an ancient Persian emperor, long before medieval times, but his name was known in medieval Europe.

What are the Ancients?

Historians tend to see anything before Medieval Times as Ancient.

When was the chalumeau invented?

It was invented in medieval times before the Clarinet and also the Saxophone

What was a hosier in medieval times?

There were no hosiers in the medieval period, since the word did not exist before the late 18th century, to refer to stocking-makers.

Who came up with the idea of markets in Medieval Times?

No one came up with the idea of markets in medieval times. Markets existed for thousands of years before the middle ages began.

Did the medieval times start in the 1215's?

No, well before that in 410 with the fall of Rome.

Is ancient Sumer and Medieval Times the same or different?

Definitely different. The medieval times occurred between the 5th and 15th centuries AD, and ancient Sumer began before 5,000 BC.

What does a rooster have to do with the passion of Christ?

Christ prophesied that Peter would deny knowing him 3 times before the rooster crowed.