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Yes the clothing was historically accurate, although I cannot say the same about many other parts of the movie. Unless Queen was a group formed in the 1100's and managed to keep their identity concealed until this day in age, I would say the beginning is a farce all in itself. But hey, the clothing was accurate. At least they got something right!

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Q: Were the clothing armour and weapons in A Knight's Tale movie depicted with historical accuracy?
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What fabric was used for a knights clothing?

Chains, leather, silk steel, and iron are some of the fabric used for a knights clothing Submitted by Ningerdude2

What did the knights do for the peasants?

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How did knights clothing change over the years?

because they need to

What kind of clothing did knights in Medieval Times wear?

heavy armorIn medieval times, knights wore armour when going in to battle.

What types of clothing did knights wear?

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How does samurai and knights affect today?

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What did the color white represent in a knights clothing?

In medieval Europe, white symbolized moral purity.

Are there any historical facts in the movie a knights tale?

yes and no. the character chaucer was actually a real person and he was also a poet/writer. The black prince of wales was a real historical figure but the time of the movie was very bad some things that were in the movie(based in 1370's) would of came out about 100 years after. like the clothing which was very modern for 1370s

What did the peasants do for the knights?

Peasants provided food, labor, and other forms of support to knights in exchange for protection and sometimes land. Knights were part of the feudal system, where they received land grants from the king in return for military service, and peasants worked the land in exchange for the knights' protection.

Where can you find information about knights and the British?

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What is the theme of friendship in its various forms as depicted in the knights tale?

The theme of friendship is depicted in "The Knight's Tale" through the bond between the two knights, Palamon and Arcite. Their friendship is tested when they both fall in love with the same woman, Emily. Despite their rivalry, their friendship endures and they ultimately prioritize their friendship over their love for Emily. The tale highlights the complexities of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice in the face of love and duty.

Who were the knights in The Lady of Shallot?

The knights in "The Lady of Shalott" are fictional characters who are depicted riding gallantly on their horses through the countryside. They do not play a significant role in the poem, but their presence adds to the romantic and medieval atmosphere of the setting.