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a pantheon is temple that is dedicated to not one god, but all of the gods

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Q: What are pantheons?
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If pathenon is in the us what state is it in?

There are well-known Pantheons in Paris and Rome.

What do the pantheons look like in rome?

a lot older now than it did back when it was made

Goddess of the underworld?

The Greek goddess Persephone (Roman Proserpine) is probably the best known goddess of the underworld. Other pantheons have different goddesses.

Who directed pantheons in Athens?

A pantheon is a temple to all the gods, a good example is the one in Rome. Is there a pantheon in Athens, I've never come across it.

Does Wicca exist?

Yes, Wicca does exist. Wicca is a pagan revivalist religion that incorporates many ancient Celtic traditions with other pagan pantheons.

What is the Norse name for hera?

The Norse had no name for Hera. The Norse and Greek pantheons are vastly different, and there is no direct correlation between the two, as there are in Greek and Roman.

What cultures does Celtic mythology come from?

Celtic Mythology was developed independent and indigineous to the British Isles, though it bears some similarity with other Northern European Pantheons.

What gods do wiccans use?

Wiccans use several Pantheons depending on their traditions. My best suggestion is to check with the specific group you are interested in. But of course, All of the gods and all of the goddesses, are only aspects of the goddess and god.

Who is the head god in roman mythology?

The head of the Greek and Roman pantheons is Zeus also known as Jupiter or Jove. It is believed he is the same god, as the Greeks and Romans frequently shared culture, be it by free trade or conquest.

Who is the most powerful god of the Aztecs?

Aztec religion did not have a hierarchy of sorts for its gods, as did some European pantheons. However, Huitzilopochtli is considered the patron god of Aztecs and was as such accorded a high status in the holy cities.

What does pagan worship?

In general terms - Nature. However each pagan will have their own path, some worship the God/Goddess - others will worship specific deities from the old pantheons. It's very much a personal choice.

Can you kill any of the gods in Dungeons and dragons?

Of course you can. In fact, the Dieties and Demigodshandbook gives you a complete combat profile for all of the gods in the D&D, Olympic, Norse, and Egyptian Pantheons. Most of them can be easily handled at epic levels.