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The 6 Elements Of Civilizations are:

1.) Centralized Government

2.) Organized Religion

3.) Specialization in Economic Activity

4.) Social Stratification

5.) Knowledge in Science, Arts, and Architecture

6.) System of Writing

These are Correct Elements

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Q: What are the 6 key elements of a civilization in the Middle ages?
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What was a key goal of cathedral architecture in the late Middle Ages?

i need help with that question

What are the key traits of a civilization?

A surplus of basic commodities which can be diverted to other than mere subsistence. Security from predators. The desire to cooperate to develop common goals. The desire for cultural and sovial development. Stable government to control and coordinate activities.

What technology was created to help warfare in the Middle Ages?

Saddles and stirrups

What caused wars in medieval times?

This question is asking about a 1000 years of history so it is impossible to write all of that here. Here is a fast summary.Early Middle Ages. 500 to 1000 AD. Vikings invade, there is constant war, pagan worshipping was common, monks in monasteries kept learning alive. Charlemagne conquered most of France.High Middle Ages. 1000 to 1300 AD. Nobility and church grew stronger, feudal system became organized, William the Conqueror became King of England, the Magna Carta is signed by King John in 1215 limiting the king's power for the first time.Late Middle Ages. 1300 to 1400. A 100 years war between England and France, the plague took many lives, church was fighting, new ideas grow, exploring starts.

What were the occupations of rich people in medieval times?

The rich owned land and the poor worked for the land. The lord of the manor was the judge and jury of crimes committed on his land. The lord had to help protect the lands of nobles of higher rank that lived nearby such as dukes and counts would have to help protect the king.

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Key attraction in the middle ages?

Canterbury Cathedral

What was a key activity in the middle ages?

A key activity in the middle ages was riding a horse or planting crop. PS. they did not have proper toilets back then so they did their business in a bucket and threw it out the window or they either just did their business out of the window full stop .

What was a key goal of cathedral architecture in the late Middle Ages?

i need help with that question

What civilizations need to have to be a real civilization?

There are 5 key elements needed to be a civilization. They are centralized government, organized religion, job specialization and social classes, arts, architecture, and infrastructure, and writing.

What did Europe's seas and river provide for it's people in the early middle ages?

Water was the key source to civilization in early times; if your civilization wasn't close to a water source, you could forget about surviving. Rivers and seas were a key source of water for drinking. They also provided means of transportation. You may say that it also provided somewhat protection, as it may act as a barrier.

What is the duration of Key to the Ages?

The duration of Key to the Ages is 1800.0 seconds.

When was Key to the Ages created?

Key to the Ages was created on 1955-02-27.

When did Key to the Ages end?

Key to the Ages ended on 1955-05-22.

What are the key elements of early human civilization?

The 1st Civilizations the most important characteristics were, social stratification, polytheistic religion, religious architecture, written language,

Key words for the black death?

Plague, Yersinia pestis, bubonic plague, black plague, black death, fleas, rats, middle ages.

What are the release dates for Key to the Ages - 1955?

Key to the Ages - 1955 was released on: USA: 27 February 1955

Key word used to describe the emerging of the early middle ages?

Chaotic, would be the word I would choose. There are a lot of key words I might use to describe the emergence of the Early Middle Ages. The Early Middle Ages began when the West was well into a time of decline. Literacy had begun to decline in the third century. The power of the central government, which was nearly gone in the third century, had been reestablished in the fourth, only to be lost to foreign invaders in the fifth. Art, of course, had gone the way of literacy. Western Europe had been carved up into half a dozen emerging kingdoms. The East Roman Empire survived this, but if it was not chaotic, then it was at least under the threat of chaos while the Middle Ages were beginning.