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The similarities of the two systems lie in the exchange of support and loyalty for the use of land. On the manor, the serfs were required to support the lord of the manor, in exchange for the rights to use the land, to have a home, and to be protected. In a monarchy, the lords were required to support the monarch in exchange for the right to have and use the manor and the protection of the monarch in time of need.

Speaking broadly, manorialism was a system of running an agricultural estate called a manor, but feudalism was a system of running a country in which the land was distributed, as manors, to lords in exchange for support of the monarch.

This question is a difficult to answer because different people use different meanings for the term, "feudal." To some people, the feudal system and the manorial system were almost the same thing. To other people they were very different.

The manorial system is derived from the old farming system of the Roman Empire, under which coloni worked on villas. Emperor Constantine I issued an edict that the coloni were not allowed to leave the villas, and so the system under which peasants were bound to the soil was born.

The system of the villa evolved during the Middle Ages into the manorial system, which was basically the same, but more formalized. The coloni became serfs, and the villas became manors, but there were other changes, including systematized cooperative agriculture, manorial officers, manorial courts, and so on.

And there are people who regard the feudal system as the manorial system with the added feature of manors being granted by kings in exchange for support.

The manorial system existed through pretty much the entire Middle Ages, with some modification, such as the fact that nearly all the serfs had become free tenants by the end of the medieval time.

The more narrow definition of the feudal system has manors as a part of the system, but its important features could probably have been developed without manors. According to this definition, feudalism was the use of a decentralized military system, as a response to the immediate threats to the nations that could arise locally, so quickly that the central government could not respond. An example of such a threat was an attack by Vikings, who could take what they wanted, destroy what remained, and be gone before the monarch even heard the news of what was happening.

The manors were used as the reward to members of the nobility for their support of the monarch, and to provide a support base for the knights and soldiers, horses, and equipment supplied from the manor.

Under this definition, feudalism had its beginnings about the time of Charlemagne, but had passed out of existence in most of Europe long before the end of the Middle Ages as central governments became strong again.

As an example, according to this definition, feudalism was introduced to England by William the Conqueror, and was ended in the first quarter of the 14th century.

There are links below to articles on manorialism and feudalism.

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They both gave land to the people and in exchange they proved their loyalty by either fighting in battle or by giving half their crops to the lord.

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Q: What are the similarities of Feudal and Manorial System?
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Did crusaders ultimately contribute to the decline of feudalism and the manorial system?

No, they were all part of the feudal system and held their position due to it.

What is Thomas Hobbes view in relation to the feudal manorial system does any one know?

Thomas Hobbes believed that the feudal manorial system was outdated and inefficient. He argued that a strong central authority, such as a sovereign ruler, was necessary to maintain order and prevent conflict among individuals. Hobbes believed that the manorial system created a state of nature where individuals competed for power and resources, leading to a "war of all against all."

What is manorial system?

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What is the manorial system?

Engofsngoinfoigbcooxnojnovc jdfnoofdjvojncovnoncojvj and that is the manorial system

How did the manorial system start to decline?

The Manorial System, along with Feudalism, started to decline at the end of the Crusades. Those who had gone to the Middle East to fight had come back with dyes, silks, incense, spice, etc. They sold the goods that they had brought back, increasing trade and boosting the economy. Europe also started switching over to a monetary system, so now serfs could buy their freedom from the Lord and move to the cities and out of the country. All these things attributed to the decline or the Manorial system and Feudalism.

How did the manorial system start?

'Manorial system started when i dont know .go ask Abraham he is the nerd not me'-----whoever wrote this is an idiot- the manorial system started in 800 C.E., and started with the basic idea coming from feudalism

How is feudalism and manor system connected?

AnswerThey are one and the same. Not different. AnswerThere is some disagreement as to what feudalism is, but manorialism is part of it in any case. The manorial system developed from the Roman villa system, to which it was very similar. The feudal system was developed somewhat later as a way of distributing power in a society with a weak central government in the face of immediate threats to local stability to which that government could not respond. Please see the links below. AnswerIt depends on one's usage. In Marxism, feudalism constitutes a social formation incorporating the manorial system. Most non-Marxist specialists use feudalism in a far narrower sense to denote the relationships of the knightly elite: in this version, feudalism sits at the pinnacle of the manorial system. To Marxists and others sharing their view of feudalism as a broad social order, feudalism would tend to predate classical manorialism, which is merely one of its expressions, though manorial economy incorporates substantial pre-feudal elements.In the stricter usage, feudalism arose from the eighth century when much of the manorial system was already in place.

Did Romans use the feudal system?

No, the feudal system was a medieval system.

Where did the feudal system exist?

feudal is the answer

What was one of the outgrowths of the feudal system?

Chivalry was an outgrowth of the feudal system

What are two classes in the manorial system?

The two classes of the early, or dark, middle ages manorial system would be the lord and peasant. Feel free to copy this answer, I don't care.

What required peasants to share their harvest with their lords?

The Manorial System.