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It's the @ button that also has the ' symbol on it

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Q: What button is the cheat menu for medieval 2 total war?
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Were do you find cheat menu on ps2?

the cheat menu is where it says press the start button

How do you get back to the cheat menu for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets GameBoy Aadvance?

Press start, and then the cheat button.

How do you cheat in sonic smash brothers?

At the main menu, you hold down the INSERT button on your keyboard, then click on the words "Main Menu."

Where is the password enter for SSX 3?

well, for the Gamecube , if you press Y you should open the options menu. Then, you go to the cheat code entry menu by pressing the cheat code button.

How do you get to cheat input area on Wii for Godzilla?

At the menu of Godzilla Unleashed, hold the up button and press A.

How do you use cheat on myboy emulator?

Just just hit the menu button, then it should say cheat and press that. After that, input the cheat by having a cheat, which you can look up , and after that you should be able to use the cheat if its the right one.

In Pokemon pearl where is the cheat menu?

I do not believe there is a "Cheat Menu".

How do you get to the cheat menu in Spider-Man 3 wii?

you have to use a cheat to open the cheat menu

How do you cheat on never ball?

For Neverball 1.5.4 when at menu hold shift and type cheat and play button will turn to cheat then click it and all levels will be unlock if started a level to skip it press c and will win the level.

Where is the cheat menu in Kingdom Hearts 1?

theres no cheat menu in kh1 or kh2

For petz dogz pack where is the cheat menu?

go to the bag in the top right hand corner of the touch screen and then tap the key button

Where is the cheat menu in Spider-Man 3 scrapbook?

there isn't a cheat menu in the scrap book