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The Romans were well aware of various fabric dyes. But, they DID NOT dye their togas. The toga was an off white woolen garment. Children, senators and the emperor could have a purple stripe along the edges, but that was all. The only variation of the toga's color was when a man was running for public office. He would then lighten and whiten his toga with powdered chalk as a symbol of his purity of intentions.

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The color, Tyrian Purple, was a natural purple dye produced from a type of sea snail.

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Q: What color togas did Roman emperors wear?
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Did all ancient Romans wear togas?

Only if they gained Roman citizenship, and that was relatively rare.

What did an ancient Roman citizen wear?, nevermind.

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What did the people in ancient Pompeii wear?

Robes and Togas, the same as most of the Roman Empire.

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Oh yes. He believed in Roman tradition and wore his toga in public. He even passed a law that all citizens had to wear their togas at state and formal occasions.

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puple ones don't know y

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They wear togas and the colour of the toga changes to match the higher rank oficers

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They never did. First of all a toga was a male garment. It was only worn by Roman men who were citizens. The Greeks did not wear togas. Roman women wore a stola and palla. The Greeks used a garment called a chiton for both men and women.