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Peasants faced a number of dangers in the Middle Ages. Specifically, medical science was in its infancy in Europe, so peasants usually only lived until their thirties. Additionally, peasants had very little food and water, so they were under the threat of starvation or severe undernourishment.

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Sickness and pollution were both dangers of medieval times because people generally didn't take baths and dumped their toilet liquids out the windows. Of course warfare was also a danger, as always it has been. The biggest threat of the middle ages was the black plague.

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black death

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Q: What dangers did peasants face in the middle ages?
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Most didn't, or didn't have the opportunity. Cities were generally free of seigneurial burdens, and urban residence often released peasants of their obligations to their lord, sometimes after a year and a day, though newcomers might face a new range of obstacles, for instance in entering trade. "Stadtluft macht frei", ran a German saying: "City air makes you free".

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