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Galen was and is considered the authority on ancient medicine. He wrote a book on it that has come down to us pretty much intact. However his greatest discovery was with nerve experiments, which proved that the brain controls the movements of the body by means of the cranial nervous system. This theory is still believed today.

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He concluded that differences in human moods come as a consequence of imbalances in one of the four bodily fluids: blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm.

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Q: What did Claudius Galen discover?
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What did Claudius Galen invent?

claudius galen invented the cellular phone

What did Claudius Galen?

what did claudies galen do

What was galen's first name?

The Greek/Roman doctor Galen's first name is Claudius.

What important discovery did Galen make about how things move inside people's bodies?

Galen it was a famous doctor in the times of the Roman empire , he made a encyclopedia that had all the things they knew until that time , also he discover was that arteries carry blood although he did not discover circulation. Also he was a grate doctor one of the famous . his full name was Claudius Galen he took his idea of Hippocrates and some other Greek's.

What is the greek physician galen's full name?

Claudius Galenus

What did Galen discover about circulation?

he was the first person to discover that blood has oxogen in it

What did Galen of Pergamon discover?

medicine of relief

Did galen write any books?

Galen of Pergamon, also known as Claudius Galenus, was a Greek physician, surgeon and philosopher from 130 to 200 CE. Galen wrote about 600 treatises discussing the medical practices. Collections of his translated works are currently available.

When did Claudius ptolemy discover the geocentric theory?

in the year 2018

What did William galen conclude?

firstly his name is 'Claudius Galen' not william. and he concluded nothing because all he done was copied hippocrates ideas and said they were his own. maybe he did conclude something but i hav'nt found that out yet sorry

Did galen discover that blood passes through the veins and arteries?

His most important discovery was that arteries carry blood although he did not discover circulation.

What did Claudius Galen contribute to science?

He found the theory on movement!!Although he did not find out what Albert Einstein found out he still was smart!E=MC2