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What Roman slaves wore depended on whether they were educated or not. Regular slaves wore clothing of the cheapest material while educated slaves wore clothes made of better material. Though slave's clothing did not even compare to a patrician's (wealthy person's) clothing. Slaves working in the mines and quarries went naked.

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Roman slaves dressed the same as anyone else -- they wore a tunic and cloak, shoes outdoors and sandals/slippers indoors. The Romans were, in fact, very concerned about having their slaves appear identical to free men. This was because of the concern that if the slaves were a uniform of some type, they would see how many they were and could try to revolt.

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Q: What did Roman slaves wear?
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What clothes did roman slaves wear?

A tunique.

What did roman slaves were on there feet?

wear* they wore no shoes

What piece of clothing was the symbol of Roman citizenship?

The toga was a symbol of Roman citizenship. Under-age boys and slaves would wear tunics, and women would wear the stola.

What did Roman slaves ware?

it's wear, not ware Yeah, yeah, we know what they mean so lets answer the question. The Roman slaves wore the same clothing as everyone else except that because they were not citizens they could not wear the toga. They wore tunics and cloaks. On the street a person could not tell a slave from a free man.

What jobs did roman slaves do?

Roman slaves did everything from hard labor to housework.

What did roman slaves jobs?

Roman slaves did everything from hard labor to housework.

Who built the walls of Pompeii?

roman craftsman and slaves

Did Roman slaves work with other Roman slaves?

yes 1 person could have up 2 about 400 slaves

How were slaves utilized you roman households?

Slaves did everything.

Where roman slaves treated worse then American slaves?

With the exception of working in mineral extraction Roman slaves probably had it better. A Roman slave could earn his freedom or advance himself which was not the case with plantation slaves in the deep south.

What is a roman slaves social status?

Slaves were property, like cattle.

Would slaves wear raggedy dresses?

Slaves wore what they were given to wear. and this all depended on what the work was they were engaged in.