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The archer was a valued solider in the middle ages and could change the outcome of a battle in a matter of minutes. They used the longbow and crossbow as deadly weapons. They were an fairly ordinary class of people, but good enough to hire out their services. They would wear the livery of the man who hired them. Archery was a main part of the warfare in a time when most of the warfare is done hand to hand. A trained archer could down a horse and several soldiers with just a few arrows. They could fire a dozen arrows a minute with such accuracy that they could kill hundreds or injure them in minutes. The longbow was at least 5 feet long and was suppose to be as tall as the person using it for max range and aim. It was very effective when used by a highly trained archer. To pull back the bow took considerable strength and a professional archer would have trained for years to be as good as he needed to be. When caught in battle a archer was often ransomed for a large sum rather than being killed. The crossbow was an easier weapon to use and usually was a handheld bow. It could be loaded in advance with an arrow.

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Q: What did the archer look like in middle time times?
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