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The medieval soap maker was considered a serf or a peasant.

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Q: What did the soap maker's job fall under in the feudalism pyramid in medieval times?
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How do you put feudalism in a sentence?

Feudalism was an old tradition in medieval times.

What does a medieval times serf wear?

A medieval times serf wore ragged and old clothing because they were the lowest form of feudalism.

A word that refers to life during middle ages?

The middle ages way of life was called feudalism.

What alliances did England have in Medieval times?

The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance existed from 1373.

What is the name of the political system in which land is given for military service in medieval times?

Feudalism is the political system in which land is given for military service in medieval times.

What were three major traditions in the medieval times?

Feudalism and the Church.

What is the fuedel pyramid?

a way of ranking people in feudal times (medieval europe)

What was a hosier in medieval times?

There were no hosiers in the medieval period, since the word did not exist before the late 18th century, to refer to stocking-makers.

What were the 4 classes of feudalism in the medieval times?

serf, nobles, kings, knights!! i think! :)

What impact did fuedalism on western Europe?

Feudalism was the basis of European civilization during the Medieval Times. It impacted the rights of citizens, government, and overall society. Feudalism had a hierarchy where citizens were largely separated, and was also extremely religious.

How does the Social Pyramid affect your life?

It can affect your life because if you are on top, then you have a lot of power probably. Take medieval times for example. Monarchs were on the top of the social pyramid, and serfs were on the bottom. (Serf: a peasant who was "Bound to the land in which he/she was born upon"[Feudalism].) So, in another words, it can greatly impact your life because it determines weather or not you have a certain amount of power, and if you are popular, stuff like that.

Did japan have a social pyramid in medieval times?

Yes. It went Emperor, Shogun, Daimyo, Farmers, Artisans, Merchants.