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Your mom will ground him so he will cry and drown in his tears?

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Q: What hardships did medieval craftsmen face?
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What is the name of the group of master craftsmen from the Middle Ages?

The medieval craftsmen united in guilds.

What was the coat of arms for the craftsmen in medieval times?

Craftsmen were commoners and did nto have Coats of Arms. Those were reserved for the nobles.

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according to these jounal entries what hardships did soldiers face at the battelefront?

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What hardships did Shackleton's explorers face?

he faced metal hardships

What hardships did the face?

cold winters

Is a medieval merchant the same as a medieval guild?

No, a merchant was an individual who sold things, but a guild was a group of merchants or craftsmen who had certain common interests.

What term is used to identify the fraternal society of craftsmen or merchants common in the medieval period?


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