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The wooden section of medieval polearms can be referred to as a the 'stave' or 'shaft'. The overall weapon may in turn be referred to as a spear, a lance or a javelin dependant on the context of its use and its relative scale.

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Q: What is The wooden handle of a medieval weapon with an iron or steel spearhead?
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What kind of medal is a medieval shield made out of?

The medieval shield wasn't metal. It was wooden with a leather covering and a handle in the back to hold. Usually they were round and it was mainly used to deflect blows.

About the Cherokee Indian axe?

The "Axe" used by the Cherokee, before the introduction of iron-working, was stone with a wooden handle. It was used for a weapon as well as its utility.

What is the earliest weapon?

The earlyest weapon we know about would be the wooden spear.

What is wooden stick used in India as weapon called?

a wooden stick used as a weapon in India or a spear,bat or even a dart

Why spoon have wooden handle?

Wooden handles do not get hot and burn your hand.

What was Washington's favorite intelligence weapon?

His wooden hatchet

What was a kind of privy?

a old medieval wooden toilet

What is a medieval chest?

A wooden box to hold items.

Is a wooden handle a conductor or a insulator?

A wooden handle is an insulator because it does not conduct electricity well. Wood is made up of non-metal materials that do not have free electrons to carry electric current. This makes wooden handles safe to use with electrical appliances.

What is a kama?

Kama is the name of the martial arts weapon that was based on the hand scythe used to harvest rice and straw. It is L shaped and has a sharp inside edge on the metal short side and a solid wooden handle.

Why do some cooking pots has a wooden handle?

because it helps when your cooking something because the heat takes more time to travel up the wooden handle

What is a powerful wooden weapon mounted on wheels called?

A catapult or a trebuchet.