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Training began when a boy was 8 or 9. When he turned 15 he went to a castle of a friend or relative to begin formal training as a page. At 18 he became a squire and at 21 became a knight.

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Q: What is a Knight trainee in the middle ages?
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A knight was a mounted warrior in Europe in the middle ages.

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Usually a knight in the Middle Ages, who protects the royalty, land, and people.

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What are facts about a knight in the middle ages?

the first stage was a page then a squire and lastly a knight

What are 3 roots of the Middle Ages?

The three stages of knight hood were a page then a squire then finally you were a knight.

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to protect the king and castle

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sir walter smith

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og cush

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help peolpe

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it was bad to be a knight because you could die.