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Q: What is a farm laborer who could be bought and sold along with the land?
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What was the role of a medieval slave?

1st Answer:esne was a medieval lowely laborer or slave this shows that a slave would sevre someone.2nd Answer:In modern English, the medieval slaves are called slaves. The Latin word, sometimes used in the Middle Ages was servus.The serfs, however, were a different group and were not slaves. The difference was that slaves could be bought and sold, and were essentially prisoners kept for labor. By contrast the serfs could not be bought and sold, and apart from the fact that they did not have a right to move off the manor where they lived, they were rather free. Serfs had rights, including the right to live and farm on the manor, and a right to be protected against war, crime, and famine. The rights of slaves were more limited, and in some places pretty much did not exist.Slavery was banned in England by laws of William the Conqueror, in 1066, and Henry I, in 1102. Serfdom continued, however, until after the Black Death in the 1350s.

What factors led to the first civilizations?

Instead of hunting and gathering people discovered how to grow food and farm. Soon people built houses and started living around each other. More people meant they could trade and others could do other things rather than just farm. Finally, people were fed so they could look to do things like art, music, and government.

Did they have tractors to farm with in the 1600's?


What does calroust mean?

A type of farm.

In medieval times could a peasant get a job?

Yes, peasants could get jobs. Serfs had jobs guaranteed to them, along with places to live. They worked farms, called manorial estates, and were not allowed to leave. While on the farm, the rent included a part of the crop, work, or money. There was time left over, if the serf wanted to do something else he could. Such work might be an advance over farming, and could include running a mill, weaving, making pottery, or working as a cook or servant in the manor itself. If a serf left the land where he worked, and stayed off for a year, he was considered free. The up side of this was freedom, and the down side was loss of the guaranteed home and job on the farm. As a free person the peasant could get a job and work in the country or town.

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What was the of landless laborer?

The definition of a landless laborer is one who works on a farm, but does not own it. This person may live and work on the farm, but not own any part of it. Not only farmers, but sharecropper, serf, or even a tenant farmer.

What constiutes a manual worker?

Some one who works with their hands, for example, a laborer like a field worker or a gardner or a farm hand. Not a skilled laborer with specific training.

What does the idiom bought the farm mean?

Someone who "bought the farm" has died.This phrase means to die. If you bought the farm, you'd have the dirt in the ground. This would be for your grave. An example would be "Poor Bob bought the farm last week after he caught pneumonia."

What profession did Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez worked many jobs before he became an activists for farm laborers. He worked as a Laborer and farm hand most of his life.

What were John Steinbeck's occupations before becoming a famous writer?

He was a fruit picker, salesclerk, factory worker, and farm laborer! Welcome ;)

What happen in Benito Juarez childhood?

He became orphan at an early age, becoming a farm laborer and shepherd until the age of 12.

What did John Steinbeck do?

John Steinbeck was a fruit picker, a salesclerk, a farm laborer, and a factory worker before he started his writing career.

What is the slang term for dying using bought?

The term is "bought the farm" -- likely a reference to a burial plot.

What career did Cesar chavez?

Cesar Chavez (March 31, 1927-April 23, 1993) was a Mexican-American farm worker, laborer, and civil rights activist.

What is Farm Cash in FarmVille?

Farm Cash is a type of currency in FarmVille. It is used to often buy more special items, which can only be bought with Farm Cash. Farm Cash can be bought with money in real life, or you can complete offers to generate Farm Cash.You get this cash by leveling. You can then spend it on special, rare things that usually you can't buy.

You bought a farm tractor in Georgia do you need a DOT or ICC permit to haul it myself back to your farm in Oklahoma?

Only if its 'oversized load' If it is over weight you will, and that could be axle or gross or both you'll need permitted in the states you travel

Did George and Lennie own the farm?

Well, the book doesn't say, But I assume that George still bought the farm. Though that depends on weather or not George was arrested, fired etc. But the others still have the money, so after a month they could buy the place.