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A toga is a forum robe.

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Q: What is a forum robe?
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Who invented the robe?

i know that the Indians have the first recording of the robe! thank you squanto!

What is the ancient roman civic center?

The Roman civic centre was the forum civilium. It was distinct and separate from the forum venalium, the commercial forum, or market. The Roman forum, which the Romans called Forum or Forum Magnum (Roman forum is a modern term)was the civic centre of the city of Rome.

What are some places in our society that serve the same functions that the forum did in rome?

There is no modern equivalent. The forum was a civic and religious centre where the town senate house, the assembly point for voting, the administrative offices, the courts and m,any of the temples were located. In small towns the forum also hosted the marker. In the city of Rome the civil centre (forum civilium) and the market centre (forum venalium) were separate. The forum Magnum (or Romans forum is a modern term) was the forum civilium. The fora venalia (plural of forum venalum) were: the Forum Boarium (cattle market) the Forum Suarium (meat market) the Forum Piscarium (fish market) the Forum Holitorium (vegetable market) the Forum Vinarium (wine market) the Forum Pistorium (bakers' market) and the Forum Cuppedinis (delicatessen market).

Do you have any spells or potions that might have been sold in the roman forum?

There probably were spell and potions sold in Rome. However, they would not have been sold at the Forum or Forum Magnum, as the Roman called it, (Roman Forum is a modern term. This forum was not a market. It Was a forum civilium; that is, a civic centre. The forum civilium was distinct and separate from the fora venalia (plural of forum venalium), the commercial fora, or markets.

What is the marketplace in Rome?

Forum is the name for an ancient Roman market. In some of the smaller towns the forum was also a civic center. The main forum in the city of Rome itself, the Forum Romanum, evolved exclusively into a civic center.

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