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A shield made of wood from a linden(basswood) tree.

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Q: What is a linden shield from medieval times?
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What is a medieval shield?

A Shield to Protect a Knight from injurys

Why would a knight of had to have a shield in medieval wars?

A knight needs a shield so that it can block things that are coming towards him. This is the Medieval wars.

Form where do you think the shield volcano got its name?

A shield volcano got its name from its shape. If you put a round shield from the medieval times on the ground, it would have a slightly rounded shape. A shield volcano has gentle slopes and base lava. The lava is runny and can travel a long way before cooling. Shield volcanos are normally less explosive than a Cone volcano. NatashaLouisex

What are 2 types of medieval armor?

A shield and sword

What is name of moveable shield in medieval warfare?


What kind of medal is a medieval shield made out of?

The medieval shield wasn't metal. It was wooden with a leather covering and a handle in the back to hold. Usually they were round and it was mainly used to deflect blows.

How do you put a medieval shield on your back?

If you have a belt run it through the handle on the back of your shield and then buckle it. Sling that over a shoulder and across your chest with the shield to the back.

What is is name of moveable shield or shelter used in medieval warfare?


What were dinosaurs like in medieval times?

There were no dinosaurs in medieval times.

What are the colors on a medieval shield?

They are the colours and design of the lord that soldier or knight fights for.

What tools did a medieval knigh use?

shield, lance, mace, broadsword,armor