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Crenellations, also called battlements, are the defensive structures found on many castles. They consist of merlons (the higher parts which were used to hide behind) and crenels (the gaps you can use to shoot through).

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Q: What is a medieval crenellation?
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What is an embrasure in a medieval castle?

The term embrasure, in military architecture, refers to the opening in a crenellation or battlement between the two raised solid portions or Merlons, sometimes called a crenel or crenelle.

In old castles what is crenellation please help?

If you look at the top of the walls of a typical castle they have taller and shorter parts, the shorter parts were to allow archers to shoot their bows through them, the higher ones to shelter behind. It looks like a kind of saw blade. This is called crenellation.

What are the ramparts of a castle?

A rampart is a protected fighting platform for castle defenders. A defensive bank of earth or rubble. Iis placed behind the crenellation.

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