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a wheelwright is a person who builds or repairs wheels

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a person who will make wheels and also repair them

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Q: What is a medieval wheelwright?
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Where does a medieval wheelwright work?

wherever the dasies are

What is the birth name of Lily Wheelwright?

Lily Wheelwright's birth name is Elizabeth Hicks Wheelwright.

Where is the Wheelwright Historical Society Inc in Wheelwright Kentucky located?

The address of the Wheelwright Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 376, Wheelwright, KY 41669-0376

When did Philip Wheelwright die?

Philip Wheelwright died in 1970.

When was Philip Wheelwright born?

Philip Wheelwright was born in 1901.

What did a wheelwright do?

A colonial wheelwright made wheels for all purposes.

What does a wheelwright do for a living?

A wheelwright is a person who makes or repairs wooden wheels.

Which of these was a craftsman who made wheels carts and wagons?


When was D. Sterling Wheelwright born?

D. Sterling Wheelwright was born in 1906.

When was Tom Wheelwright born?

Tom Wheelwright was born on 1953-04-29.

When did Horace William Wheelwright die?

Horace William Wheelwright died in 1865.

When was Horace William Wheelwright born?

Horace William Wheelwright was born in 1815.