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The Vatican is the answer.

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Q: What is a small country inside rome?
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Which country do gladiators fight in?

Rome Is Where Gladiators Fight

Which war started the roman quest for empire?

Rome's quest for empire or expansion goes way, way back before the more famous wars such as the Punic Wars. When Rome was nothing more than a small town, they had a long war with the Etruscans who ruled the city of Veii, which was across the Tiber from Rome. In 396 BC Rome captured Veii which doubled Rome's territory and was a stepping-stone for Rome to conquer the surrounding territory of Latinum.

Where did poor farmers work in Rome?

Poor Roman farmers worked on small plots of land in the countryside of Rome and Italy and in various places around the Roman Empire. During the Rome's expansion into Italy, Rome established many colonies (settlement) to gain control over the lands they gained control of. Many Roman farmers went there to set up small farms. Colonies were also established outside Italy when Rome expanded beyond this peninsula. When the Roman army became professional, many colonies were founded to settle retired soldiers who were given a plot of land to farm on discharge. They were dotted around the empire.

Who was Early Rome ruled by the?

Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.Early Rome was ruled by the Etruscans.

What were Frederick the Great's accomplishments?

He took Prussia from small powerless country to powerful

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What is a small country located inside rome?

It is the Vatican.

Where are Roman Catholics based?

The State of Vatican City, a small country inside Rome Italy.

What countries are part of Rome?

ok...rome is a city...inside of a country...there is no countries inside of it

What city has a country inside it?


Is Dubai the smallest country?

No. The smallest country is Vatican City, which is inside Rome.

What is the country inside of Italy's capital?

Vatican City is in Rome.

What river flows through a city that has a country inside it?

The Vatican is a state that exists inside the city of Rome and the river that flows through Rome is the Tiber.

Is Rome east of Italy?

Inside. It's the capital of the country-Italy.

The tiny country of Vatican City is inside what city?

Rome, Italy.

What is the name of a tiny country that is located entirely inside Italy?

the Vatican City is a tiny country inside of the city of Rome, Italy

Which 2 small countries are located in Italy?

The Vatican is a separate country inside of the city of Rome. It is only 110 acres and 1000 people run by the Roman Catholic Church. San Marino is another small country inside of Italy. It is between Emilia-Romagna and Marche. It is 24 square miles.

What country's are in Italy?

San Marino is located inside Italy. It's in the north/central part of the country. The Vatican City is the second country. It's entirely inside the city of Rome.