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7 and a half people

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Q: What is an average size family in the middle ages?
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Where did the weavers live in the the middle ages?

In the early middle ages weaving was a home craft practiced by peasants in the villages. Later in the middle ages as towns and cities grew in size and number weaving became a full time profession. This was in part due to development of more complex looms that a typical peasant would not have in their possession. These weavers organized into guilds like other trades. They lived in towns and cities. They rented a shop which in most cases had living quarters above or behind it. They probably sold their product to merchants rather than directly to the public, as cloth from the loom must go through a finishing process known as fulling and then to a dyer, both separate professions, before being ready for sale to the public.

How were medieval Europe and the roman empire different?

The Roman Empire was pretty advanced in government, services to the citizens, protection of the empire, building, and schools. In contrast, the middle ages was chaos. There was a lack of government, services, and advancement of any sort. People could no longer read or write, science was considered bad, and there was no protection offered by the government. Without the structure of the Roman Empire Europe fell into the "dark ages" for a 1000 years.

Who was the first medieval king of England?

There was no first king of medieval times, as there were kings already around when the Middle Age began. Several of the Germanic tribes had kings, as, for example, the Franks, who had a kingdom within the Roman Empire from 357 or 358 AD. When the Middle Ages began, there were already a number of fairly well developed kingdoms in Europe. The Franks had already been there about 50 to 100 years, depending on the date you prefer for the beginning of the age. The Burgundian Kingdom had begun. The Ostrogoths and the Visigoths both had extensive kingdoms, occupying Italy and Spain respectively. The Vandals had been operating a kingdom that covered most of the North African Coast. All of these kingdoms had their own kings when the middle ages began, and all were of fairly large size and importance, even by modern standards. If by first you mean most important, Charlemagne may qualify. He reigned from 768 to 814 as King of the Franks, and controlled a very large empire, about the same size as the old West Roman Empire, when he was crowned Emperor of the West by the Pope. His territory included almost all of modern France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, and much of modern Austria and Italy. In fact it could easily have been the largest empire Europe would see until the Russian Empire surpassed it.

Why was Europe divided into many kingdoms during the middle ages?

Europe was divide into countries in a way similar to what it is today in many places, primarily by language and culture. Parts of Europe were divided into many kingdoms, and other parts were not. The reasons behind the way things were varied from place to place. The Byzantine Empire was large through much of the Middle Ages, though it tended to get smaller as time passed. France was not quite as large as it is today. The Holy Roman Empire was a good deal larger than modern Germany. After the middle of the 10th century, England was about the same size as it is. There a number of kingdoms within the Holy Roman Empire, but they were feudal territories inside a monarchy, much like counties or duchies. Spain was divided into small kingdoms, which gradually united. Italy had kingdoms and republics, and was basically a number of city states at some points in history. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark were separate kingdoms, but they were united in the Kalmar Union by Queen Margaret I of Denmark.

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