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uncivilized tribes, for romas any other culture that was not anexed to their own.

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Q: What is barbariens?
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Who were the Vandals in Rome?

vandals are the barbariens that attacked rome the most unique barbarians.

What process took city and state from monarchy to aristocracy and in Athens to democracy?

they built the roman empire and then was destroyed by barbariens

What process took city states from monarchy to aristocracy and Athens to democracy?

they built the Roman Empire and then was destroyed by barbariens

What land did barbarians invade?

giant caves made of fiberglass, convinently located in museums. ^^ LOL? Well it depends on which barbariens your talking about. Barbaric tribes like the Visigoths invaded west Europe, vikings terrorized northern England during the medieval age.... and counless other times... be more specific with your questions.

Which empire conquered Mediterranean area?

In the west, no empire followed it for some three hundred years. In 800, the Frankish King, Charlemagne, who had conquered much of Italy, was crowned "Roman Emperor" by the Pope. This was the beginning of the "Holy Roman Empire" which continued until 1806, though after Charlemagne's death its authority was usually limited to Germany and Italy, and became increasingly nominal even there. In the East, the Roman Empire (commonly called the "Byzantine" Empire) continued until 1453, when it was replaced by the Ottoman Empire, whose Sultan used the title "Qaysar y Rum" (Emperor of Rome) and which survived until 1922. Between the early 600s and 800s about half the former Roman Empire (Syria, Egypt, N Africa, Spain) was included in the Arab Caliphate, which also held other lands as far as the borders of India and China. The Tsars of Russia claimed to be the heirs of Byzantium and the "Third Rome", but never ruled any significant amount of Roman or Byzantine territory