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The place of Medieval men in society was not dictated so much by gender It was dictated by sex, or even by which nation they lived in during Medieval times. The main factor that decided where a man's (or usually for that matter, a woman's) place in society was wealth, because wealth dictated your position on the social hierarchy. It is from a position of wealth, or lack of it, that dictated a man's place in Medieval society. For the common peasant, life during Medieval times was hard, brutal, and usually short. The common man had a strong, steadfast belief in God, in the basic virtues of Christianity (as much as he could understand it since scripture was read in Latin), but yet the Devil seemed to be hiding in every alley and behind every tree to force evil, and droughts were not sad pictures on a television screen, but life threatening situations. A man would need to work the land, pay any taxes or homage necessary to the noble that ruled over the area, and fulfill any other responsibilities demanded of him.

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Q: What is medieval man?
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