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they get free bananas

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the lord gives two meals to the serfs

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Q: What is one benefit the lord received under manorialism?
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Under manorialism who controlled land in Europe?

a lord (apex)

A social and economic system where serfs were bound to a manor ruled by a lord is called?

Under Feudalism this system is called "Manorialism."

What is an economic system that gives a single lord control over a piece of land and all the people living on it?


How did manorialism help both nobles and peasants?

The nobles told the peasants what to do, gained all the income off their work, and taxed them for everything.

How does a manorialism work?

Manorialism was a medieval system where lords granted land to peasants in exchange for labor and goods. Peasants worked the land and paid taxes to the lord in exchange for protection and use of the land. This system helped maintain social order and economic stability in feudal societies.

How was fief-holding and manorialism related?

Fief-holding was a system in which vassals were granted land (fiefs) by lords in exchange for loyalty and military service. Manorialism, on the other hand, was an economic system centered around the manor, a large estate controlled by a lord. Fiefs were often part of manors, with vassals holding land from the lord within the manor and providing labor and resources in return.

The medieval was of life based on ownership of land on service and on loyalty is called what?

The medieval way of life based on ownership of land on service and loyalty was called serfdom. People who were bound in this agreement were called serfs, and normally farmed the land they owned and were required to a portion of their crops to the person they owed service and loyalty to, called the lord. In addition to this, they were required to fight for their lord in times of trouble.

How did a lord benefit giving his lands away as fiefs?


During the Middle Ages what was a serf?

Serfs first appeared after the Norman Conquest. Their lord gave them land and they looked after it for them and received a share to keep for themselves. Their lives were under the control of their lord; they couldn't marry without permisson or move away from their parish. They were NOT freemen but peasants under the control of a lord

What did Arjuna received from lord Shiva?

Arjuna received pashupatastra. A weapon called "paashupata".

. Manorialism can best be described as?

the economic ties between the nobles and the peasants who worked on their lands. (this is for study island)

What were the characteristics of feudalism and manorialism?

Feudalism was a type of manoralism of the Middle Ages, but with the additional twist that the central government was weak and required a hierarchy of nobility to provide stability on the local level.