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it is Ferrum and explains why its Fe and not In or something like that.

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Q: What is the Roman word for Iron?
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Why does a chemical sometimes have a roman numeral after the word?

This indicates the valency of the element... for eg:- iron(II) this means that iron has the valency of two in this particular reaction.... but iron also do have the valency three... To create a difference between the iron of valency two... and iron of valency three.. they write the roman numeral..

What substance has most of the iron?

Iron is a metallic Element, which is given the symbol Fe. This Fe symbol was originally an abbreviation of the Roman word Ferrum, but was known for centuries before Roman times. The useful metal is the substance from which plough shares, swords and axes were made, essential items for iron-age Civilisation.

What does the roman numeral mean in iron II?

II is 2 in Roman Numerals.

What is the roman spade made of?

They were made out of iron

What were roman javelins made out of?

wood and iron

What was roman armor made of?

Iron plate.

What were roman javelins made of?

wood and iron

What is word for containing iron?

The word ferrous indicates bearing iron.

Is the iron a noun or a verb?

The word 'iron' is a noun (iron, irons), a verb (iron, irons, ironing, ironed), and an adjective (an iron railing).The term 'the iron' is a noun as inferred by the article 'the', a word for a type of metal; a word for a type of household appliance; a word for a type of golf club; a word for a thing.Note: The noun 'iron' is an uncountable (mass) noun as a word for an element, a substance. The noun 'iron' is a countable noun as a word for a device used to smooth cloth.

What is the word equation for iron plus chlorine equals Iron chloride?

Iron plus chlorine equals Iron chloride is the word equation.

What is the word for iron in french?

Le fer is the French word for iron. Chemin de fer is the French word for railroad, literally an iron road.

What is the Roman word for WEREWOLF?

The Roman word for werewolf is lycanthrope