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Wow! There are HEAPS of differences between society now and back in the Medieval Times. I've made a list below and I !

- Feudalism no longer exists in most places because a Democracy system was put in its place.

- People's age expectancy has increased! This is more likely the case in developed countries.

- Equality has become stronger now between races, ethnicities, religions and genders.

- The amount of poor people has decreased.

- Medical Practices have improved by a lot.

- And basically, life is just better!

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they use to kill people if theydo somthing rong our said something . now we just go to jail.

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Q: What is the difference between the Medieval Times and now?
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fat people NO unlike now and then people in the medieval times in Europe had less advantages. such as trains, computers, and good hygiene with modern day medicines. The age limit back then was around in the twenties to die. Now all people live a bit longer. But if there wasn't a Medieval times then there wouldn't be great sites to see in Europe.

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The black plague

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we work

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Thieves in medieval times were more or less the same as thieves now. They stole whatever they could pawn, use, or eat.

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Difference is that the European medieval food was medieval and the food we have now is original Continental food like Australasia and Oceania have sweets, seafood and all the other original Continental food. If there is countries that have medieval food still, will be depending on if they have these types of medieval food.

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The same as it is now, without it you are dead.

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