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The Channel Islands is the last remnant of England's medieval empire in France.

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Q: What is the last remnant of England's medieval empire in France?
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What is the last remnants of England's medieval empire in France?

The Channel Islands is the last remnant of England's medieval empire in France.

What are some real medieval land names?

Some real medieval land names include the Kingdom of England, the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of Scotland, and the Byzantine Empire.

Is France a state or a nation?

Typically, France is considered a nation as opposed to a nation-state since it was not formed by acts of nationalism. Rather it existed as an empire for centuries and is the surviving remnant of that empire.

Vietnam was ruled by what country in 1883-1945?

France. Long before that the area now known as Vietnam was part of the Khmer Empire, the remnant of which is now known as Cambodia.

Is the holy roman empire ancient or Medieval?

Medieval. It's a congregation of Germanic kingdoms and has nothing to do with ancient Roman Empire.

What is the name of the Empire after Episode 6?

Well they still call themselves The Empire, but everyone else in the galaxy refers to them as the Imperial Remnant.

Why do medieval maps label modern day Jerusalem as the Ottoman Empire?

Jerusalem was controlled by the Ottoman Empire during medieval times.

What building was built in France in medieval times?

The land that is now the country of France has existed for billions of years. It was not built. The French monarchy lasted from medieval times until the establishment of the First Republic in September 1792.

Who were Englands enemies in World War 1?

World War 1 began in the year 1914. England's enemies in the war was the German Empire as well as the Ottoman Empire.

Who colonized France?

France has never been a colony in the traditional sense. It was first organized into settled civilization under the Roman Empire, but it was a constituent part of that empire, not a colony. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, France was the subject to various different medieval kingdoms competing over territory, most of which are anachronistically French, but some were anachronistically English or German. Towards the end of the Middle Ages, France was united as one nation and has remained as such up to the present day.

When did the Medieval Holy Roman Empire exist?

The Holy Roman Empire existed from 962 A.D., and dissolved when Emperor Francis II abdicated the throne after being conquered by Emperor Napoleon I of France in 1806.

What empire took control of France during the 2nd century?

who hurted the France empire and why?