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it was the Colosseum, which was an amphitheatre, an arena for the gladiatorial games.

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An apartment building was called an "insula" as it could be compared to an island of housing.

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Q: What is the name of a roman building?
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What was the name of the building where roman chariot races where held?

The name of the building or arena where the Roman chariot races were held was the Circus Maximus in Rome and the Hippodrome in Byzantium/Constantinople.

What is a Roman ruin?

a old roman building

Who demanded the building of the roman colosseum?

Emporer Vespasian demanded the building of the roman in colosseum in the year 70 AD.

Which building was Julius Caesar murdered in?

The steps of the Roman Senate building.

What is the achievements of roman art?

The building

Who connected the lands of the roman empire by building roads?

It was the Romans who connected their empire by building roads. Specifically, the Roman army did the work.

What has the author Jean-Pierre Adam written?

Jean-Pierre Adam has written: 'Roman building' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Architecture, Roman, Building, History, Roman Architecture

What was the tallest roman building?

La Muratella

What was the most powerful roman building?

The Colosseum

What company has a roman building as logo?


What three architectural styles did the Roman use most often?

building roads, building aqueducts, and building arches

What was the best roman building?

the two best known are the Pantheon (Roman not Greek) and the Colosseum :)