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Corn meal, oatmeal, ham, water, bread, ir nothing at all.

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Q: What kind of breakfast in the Medieval Times?
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What kind was a typical breakfast like in medieval Europe?

Barley soups and rye bread.

What kind of architecture was the medieval period known for?

no one cares about the medieval times!

What is a fine in medieval times?

A fine is a kind of punishment in which in the medieval times you would have to serve in humiliation for braking the law.

What would a king eat for breakfast in the medieval times?

fish and strawberries mixed together

What kind of clothing did knights in Medieval Times wear?

heavy armorIn medieval times, knights wore armour when going in to battle.

What kind coffee do they make at Medieval Times in New Jersey Would anyone happen to know?

There was no New Jersey in medieval times.

What kind of weapon has spikes that was used in medieval times?


What kind of warriors fought during medieval times?

knights and jowsters

What kind of fabric did the rich people wear in medieval times?

they would where silk

What did medieval people call breakfast?

An important meal

What did a Medieval Knight breakfast contain?

they had toast. what do u recon they had?

What did a medieval peasant have for breakfast?

Barley soups and breads