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They wanted American products in foreign markets, not American flags flying over colonies overseas :)

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Q: What kind of empire did American leaders want to build?
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What kind of leaders did the Romans have in the 400s?

From 27 BC to 476 AD the Romans had emperors.

What did Charlemagne contribute to the Holy Roman Empire?

AnswerAlmost nothing, or perhaps just the idea. His (Frankish) Empire fell apart soon after his death but maintained some kind of shadowy existence. The zest for dating the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire from 800AD is Anglo-American fantasy or nostalgia. German and Italian historians date the foundation from the coronation of Otto I in 962. The term 'Holy Empire' dates from 1030 at the earliest, and the first reference to 'Holy Roman Empire' dates from 1254! (The basic structures had been in place since 1050, though).The HRE is surrounded by much mythology.Morefrom a different point of view i think Charlemagne was a great leader. he led his armies and conquered big parts of italy, germany, and centural europe. MoreCharlemagne inherited the Kingdom of the Franks, and he conquered a number of different groups of people, including the Saxons, Lombards, Swiss, Bavarians, Frisians, and other Germanic kingdoms, and added their territory to his kingdom, thereby creating the country of which he was crowned emperor, the Carolingian Empire. According to the will of Louis the Pious, the Carolingian Empire was broken into three kingdoms with one of the kings being a nominal emperor. The emperor was king of the middle kingdom, which fell to the other two, and the title of emperor fell out of use for a few decades.The kingdom of the West Franks, which contained most of Charlemagne's original kingdom, became France.The Kingdom of the East Franks contained almost all of the eastern territories Charlemagne had added to his original kingdom, and this became the Holy Roman Empire when its king, Otto I, was crowned emperor, ostensibly resurrecting the title.The connection Charlemagne had to all this was that he united the territories of the Kingdom of the East Franks with each other, and this kingdom became the Holy Roman Empire. Neither the fact that they were mostly territories not in his original kingdom, nor the fact that they were later separated from that kingdom, should be allowed to cloud the fact that he united them with each other.The names we call the empires by is a bit problematical. Please see the related question below for more on this.

What kind of blood sports did roman empire have?

Gladiatorial combat; animal baiting;hi paul the gladitorial fights in the colesseum as well as venationes(beast fights), Naumachia (naval sea battles) which were also held in the arena.

What kind of government system did Cesar Augustus create?

Basically it was a monarchy, although he disguised the fact by referring to himself as simply the first citizen. He kept the externals of the republic, but made sure all the real power rested in himself. The proper name for his government is the Principate, although many people erroneously refer to it as the "empire".

When did the roman era start and finish?

The Roman republic began in 510 BC and ended in 31 BC. These are the official dates. The beginning of the republic presents little in the way of a problem, but the ending actually began with the several dictatorships of Julius Caesar and culminated with Octavian's victory at Actium, a span of about 15 years.

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Why was the Persian empire successful?

Its leaders were military and economic Geniuses, also very kind and compassionate.

What kind of leaders governed latin American nations after independence?

dictators governed latin american nations after independence

American leaders decided to have what kind of government?

Open your history book. Look at the headings. The answers is there.

Who were the three leaders sharing power called?

It kind of depends where and when. In the Roman Empire, they would have been called a triumvirate. In Russia, the term troika (which means three of a kind) might be used instead.

What famous structure did kind darius build to unite the Persian empire?

The governing system of the Persian Empire, resting on traditional local government, provincial government and central imperial government.

What kind of government did the Portuguese empire have?

The kind of government that the Portuguese empire had was a democratic one.

What kind of leaders are easier to follow?

every leaders have to easier the law and follow

What kind of government is the Islamic Empire?

There is no Islamic Empire.

What kind of leaders do Anglicans have?

An archbishop

What was the first black and white abolitionist organization called?

In 1833, sixty abolitionist leaders met in Philadelphia to create the American Anti-slavery Society, which was the first of it's kind.

What kind of leaders have authority over their people ina theocracy?

The Religous leaders or the Ayatollahs.

What kind of shelter will be build in Saturn?

You will build spaceshelters.