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The 2nd highest, beneath the Kings and Queens. (ect. Kings and Queens, Knights and Nobles, Lesser Nobles, Freemen and Freewomen, Serfs)

wrong knights were below the pope which makes them 3

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Q: What level in society was a medieval knight?
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What were the levels of society in medieval society?

The peasants were the lowest level of medieval society. They earned a living by providing food to the knights. As the lowest class, they were brutally punished or killed when they did not provide enough to the higher classes.

What words refers to a medieval soldier--Knight Knight Night night?

The answer is "Knight".

What is a medieval soldier?

A Knight

What has the author Brooks Robards written?

Brooks Robards has written: 'Medieval Knight at War, the' 'Medieval Knight At War'

How much money did a medieval Knight make?

the Medieval Knight did not earn money. In return for his services to the lord or king, the knight would be payed by gaining land.

What did the medieval knight do?

crossed blades

Can a medieval knight become a lord?

they were ..

Why would a knight of had to have a shield in medieval wars?

A knight needs a shield so that it can block things that are coming towards him. This is the Medieval wars.

What is a medieval knight?

A medieval knight was a mounted warrior who served a lord in the Middle Ages. They were skilled in combat, sworn to chivalry, and typically wore armor and carried weapons such as swords and lances. Knights played a crucial role in medieval society, often participating in tournaments, battles, and protecting their lord's lands.

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Knights And Armor is dedicated to the history of the medieval knight (ca. 800-1500 C.E.). Here you will find information and links on the life of the medieval knight.Begin with the history of knighthood (ca. 800 C.E.) and trace the medieval knight's role as a military, social, and political factor in medieval society. You will also learn about the evolution of the medieval knight'sarmor and weapons as he tried to keep pace with the medieval arms race. Also discover the science ofheraldry--the method of identification rooted in the Middle Ages. Also find out about the codes ofchivalry that medieval knights were supposed to obey, as well as the ideals of the crusades.Enjoy your travel back to the Middle Ages as you explore the world of the medieval knight.

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