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Q: What makes a bad medieval king?
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Henry the II constitutional or absolute monarchy?

Neither of these terms makes much sense in a medieval context. He was a 'strong king'.

What was a medieval king?

A medieval king was a man who lived during the middle ages, ruled a territory called a kingdom, and hand the title of "king."

What did king William do?

King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times. King William I Was a Ruler Of great Britain in The Medieval Times.

What was bad in the medieval time?

the health care was badpeople couldn't writepressure was put on nuns and church people to help the sick or needypeople have to work for the new king and what the king says go's.

Who was a weak king in the medieval times?

King Stephen

What was the rank of a king in medieval times?

There was no "rank". He was king and that was it.

Was Henry VIII more of a medieval than modern king?

henry the 8th was a modern king end of lol

How does a medieval king be truthful?

Just like everyone else, a medieval king could be truthful by speaking the truth.

Who was the next king after king William in the medieval times?

king William

Were all medieval sheriffs bad?

no they were not all bad

Which medieval king was most successful?

King Edward I

Who was boss in medieval times?

The King, Pope and some medieval countries had emperors.