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Hadrian's wall is a defensive wall built in Roman Britain. Its construction was started in AD 122. The wall is partly built with Squared Stones and partly with Turf.

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stone and turf

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Q: What materials were used to build hadrians wall?
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What materials are used in the manufacture of Hadrians wall?

Stone and composite bricks.

When did emperor hadrian build hadrians wall?

Hadrian built the wall to mark the boundary of the empire and to prevent raids by the Scottish tribes.

What materials were used to build the Great Wall of China?

It is crenel stone.

What materials were used to build the great wall?

Mostly mud brick and other earthen materials

Who lived near hadrians wall?

Hadrians wall is in Rome and It was built by the sevants of King Hadrian. And they found timber by it.

How important was Hadrians wall?

It was the least important wall

Which is longer Hadrians Wall or Amazon River?

The Amazon River is much longer. Hadrians Wall, in England, is much shorter.

Attractions in Scotland?

hadrians wall

Where were the materials used to build the great wall of china found?

they werent found, they were bought and paid for. It wasnt a Scavenger hunt in search for materials to build a relatively large wall, it was a process that took time.

Is hadrians wall in Scotland?

no. It's in northumbria

Why is hadrians wall compared to a Molehill?

because the Hadrian's wall is crumbled

What is the difference between the materials used to build the eastern and western parts of the Great Wall?