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Duty, honesty, hard work, and responsibility.

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Q: What middle-class values are associated with the Victorian age?
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Why did the Victorian Age happen?

It was called the Victorian Age as it was the time the Queen Victoria ruled.

Where are the Victorian crossroads on vfk?

The Victorian Crossroads are in the Victorian Age, at the Corner of Balta St.

Which best describes the Victorian Age?

The Victorian Age was a time period that began in 1837 and ended in 1901.

Compare the romantic age to the Victorian age?

the search

What was after the Victorians?

The Edwardian age followed the Victorian age.

What age did you have to be to go into a workhouse in the Victorian age?

In the victorian times you hadto work till the ageof 18 years old

How does the role of the poet in the Victorian Age differ from the role of the poet in the Romantic Age?

In the Romantic Age, they were focused on expressing their freely imaginative thought. Victorian time, writers were more focused on social issues. Also, poetry was bigger in the Romantic age than the Victorian age

How is Great Expectations a Victorian novel?

Great Expectations is a Victorian novel because it was written during the Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901. It reflects the social and moral values of the time, such as class structure, industrialization, and the importance of education. The novel also addresses themes like ambition, redemption, and societal expectations that were prevalent in Victorian society.

What age did wealthy Victorian kids die at?

round about the age of 80

What age did you have to be to be a Victorian scullery maid?

Usually from about 12 years of age

How old did Victorian children work?

some victorian childrens started working for the age of four

When was the great age of the railways?

Victorian times