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anything could have been shown just depends if they felt like acting

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Q: What plays were shown at the theatre of Pompey?
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What plays did the Romans perform at the theatre of pompey?

they play William Shakespeare

Where are plays showed?

Plays are usually shown in a theatre.

What was the name of the London theater where most of Shakespheres plays were shown?

That was the Globe Theatre.

Why is the theater of pompey famous?

It was the biggest theatre the romans had ever bulit at the time

Where did Julius Caesar's death take place in history?

Outside the Theatre of Pompey

Where abouts was the theater that he did his plays in?

Shakespeare's plays were shown at his theatre, called the Globe. It is situated in London Borough, in southwark. It got burnt down once, so they rebuilt it.

What shows were shown at the globe theatre?


Does the Abbey Theatre still do Irish plays?

The Abbey Theatre in Dublin does have Irish plays very regularly.

When was The Firesign Theatre's Big Book Of Plays created?

The Firesign Theatre's Big Book Of Plays was created in 1972.

What was the name of the theatre where many of Shakespeares's plays were performed?

The Globe Theatre.

Where did Julius Caesar's assassination happen?

In Shakespeare's play, in the Senate-house in Rome. According to historians, however, it took place at the Theatre of Pompey.

How many pages does The Firesign Theatre's Big Book Of Plays have?

The Firesign Theatre's Big Book Of Plays has 144 pages.