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Demon Souls & Dark Souls Oblivion Skyrim

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Q: What ps3 games have medieval themes?
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What are the names of some PS3 medieval army games?

Great Battles: Medieval is probably what you want.

What format is ps3 themes?


How do you show HD PS3 themes on your PS3?

go to theme options and if you have downloaded it, it should be there.

I put my PS3 themes on a Kingston data traveler 2.0 I followed all the instructions like make a PS3 folder and then make a folder called themes but it still says that theres no themes?

Make sure that the folders you make are "PS3" (all capitals) and then make a folder in the PS3 folder called "THEME" (all capitals). After in the PS3 XMB go to Settings-Theme Settings and then click on install themes and then select it from you flash drive.

Can you get MW3 background on your PS3 menu?

Just got to the number 1 resources for ps3 themes on google on your ps3 system

Can you play PS3 games on PS3 slim?

All PS3 models can play PS3 games and also select PS1 games

Can ps2 games be downloaded to PS3?

no you can download just ps3 games on you ps3

Can a ps3 play CD ROM games?

A PS3 can play PS3 games and some Playstation games

Are there Pokemon games for PS3?

there are no Pokemon games for ps3

Can you play PS3 Portugal games with south African PS3 games?

PS3 games are supposed to be region free

Does facebook games work on PS3?

No PS3 games work on PS3 and Only some other PlayStation games

Can PS3 games be played on a ps2 platform?

No PS3 games require a PS3 platform