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During Medieval Europe, the three forms of literature included religious writings. Other forms of literature that were found during this time include secular works and women's literature.

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Epic, elegy, and Ballad.

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Q: What three forms of literature were found in the medieval Europe?
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How did they catch criminals in medieval Europe?

Medieval, "police," typically called upon all citizens of a community to catch and deliver a criminal. Citizens who didn't participate were often fined, although being the criminal was much worse. Citizens who suspected foul play would raise a, "hue and cry," in which the local authorities would respond to. Medieval communities were often responsible for their own protection, so they tended to lean more towards heavy punishments rather than wasting time catching criminals. Thieves who were found guilty were hanged...enough said.

Where were the wealthiest of the early medieval towns found?

The wealthiest of the early Medieval towns were found in France at the beginning of the period. There was a caste-like system among the citizens of many countries where one person ruled over many that were farming the land owned by the ruler. Later, the wealth started to shift to other countries as the peasants refused to be held in serfdom.

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What is the definition of a keep from Medieval Times?

In medieval times, a Keep is a fortified tower found within a castle. It was usually the most fortified interior part of the castle and was used as a last line of defense, where the nobility would hole themselves up in with their guards should the outer castle be taken.

What is one good thing about the crusades?

The crusaders found a lot of knowledge that the arab people had and brought it to europe.

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Could a serf in Medieval Europe have money?

yes-secretly -found it -stole it

Where were the snare drums invented?

it was found in europe medieval in 1300 it was named after a instrument called tobar

What are Paladins?

Certain high ranking officials found in numerous countries in medieval and early century modern Europe

What is gothicism?

NOTE : The term "Goth" as a style or lifestyle is a separate related question.The adjective "gothic" primarily refers to medieval forms of architecture (also known as "Pointed") found in, but not exclusive to, northern Europe -- from the name Goths applied to the Germanic or Teutonic tribes who inhabited the region.Gothic can apply to styles of art or literature that embody the dark, desolate, or mysterious themes associated with the European medieval period.It also applies to specific sans serif typefaces.(see related question)

Which historical period appealed to the Romantics?

The Romantic movement in art, literature, and music was centered in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, particularly in Europe. It found inspiration in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, as well as in nature and folklore, seeking to evoke strong emotions and emphasize individual expression.

What is foreign and local literature?

Local literature is literature found in your own country. Foreign literature are ones that are found outside your country.

Are portcullises medieval?

portcullises are medieval as many medieval castles are found with them such as Warwick castle

What religion in medieval Europe are gargoyles associated with?

Gargoyles are commonly associated with the Christian religion in Medieval Europe. They were often found adorning cathedrals and churches, where they served a functional purpose of directing rainwater away from the building. Additionally, gargoyles were also believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the church from harm.

What were the major religions in Medieval Europe?

There were three major religions found in medieval Europe. They were Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Of course there were many other religions practiced but these three represented the majority of the population.

Where in Europe is permafrost found?

Is found in northern Europe

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