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arch bridges

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Arch Bridges.

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Q: What type of bridges did the Romans build?
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Did Romans build cantilever bridges?

from what i remember from 6th grade they didn't.

How many bridges did the Roman Empire build?

It is not known. The Romans must have built thousands of bridges because the empire was massive, it covered many mountain areas and it was crossed by many rivers. The bridges were built by the Romans, not the Roman Empire.

Which building material that is used today was invented to build large buildings and bridges in ancient Rome?

The Romans used the arch to build large buildings and bridges.

What material was used to build the Colosseum's vaulted arches?

Cement was used by the Romans to build the colosseum. The Romans invented cement and the material they invented was also water proof which allowed for bridges and fountains to be built.

Who popularized the arch?

The Romans made extensive use of the arch to build large buildings, bridges, and water aqueducts.

Romans use their engineering skills to build what?

The ancient Romans used their engineering skills to build aqueducts, bridges, roads, domed structures, the hypocaust heating system and any other building projects they undertook.

What building materials were used to build large buildings and bridges in ancient rome?

Usually concrete. Romans invented concrete.

Did the Assyrians create bridges?

the Romans did create the bridges.

What type of designs are used to build bridges?

The designs that are used to build bridges are designs that can keep them stable , working and that won't be dangerous also designs that amaze people.

What do you call the type of engineer that designs bridges?

civil engineers, structural engineers, and architects are the main bridge builders.

Why are the Romans remembered for their skill in engineering?

bridges, they built bridges and other things

What are build on rivers?