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when soldiers went to sleep they needed the wood for fires and sharpening weapons so they needed an axe to help cut down the trees

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Q: What was a roman axe used for?
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What does an axe represent?

The Roman Empire used to use a bundle of axes as a symbol of its own power. The axe can cut many things, and therefore suggests power.

What were the ancient Roman axes used for?

The ancient Roman axes had two purposes. One was the practical purpose that a axe was used for, such as cutting brush, chopping wood ,etc. The other was a symbolic purpose as an axe was also an executioner's instrument. The lictors that were the bodyguards for the Roman officials, carried the fascis, which were bundles of rods with an axe sticking out of the top. This symbolized the power of the official to inflict both corporal punishment as shown by the rods and capital punishment, as shown by the axe.

What tools did the Roman slaves use on a Roman farm?

Some Roman tools are the bronze nails, Axe, Hammer, and Chisel

What is used for cutting down trees easily in Minecraft?

A wood axe, a stone axe, a iron axe, a golden axe, and a diamond axe

What do you use an ice axe for?

An ice axe is used in mountain climbing.

What is a boarding axe?

An axe with a spike on the end used by pirates in the age of sail.

What was a stone axe used for?

A stone axe was used as a tool for cutting and shaping wood. It was commonly used by ancient civilizations for activities such as chopping trees, hunting, and building shelters.

Why does the king of diamonds have an axe?

The king of diamonds represents the Roman Caesar Augustus or Julius in most modern decks of cards.

What is the full form of axe?

Axe ----automatic cross exchange. It is mainly used as tax exchange.

Specific tools used in the colony of Rhode Island?

The axe, adz and awl.

What is the name of an axe like tool?

An adze is an axe like tool.A Froe (frow) is used.

How do you spell axe?

Both "ax" and "axe" are correct spellings for the word (a chopping tool).