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Juno was a goddess. She was the most complex Roman deity. She had many epithets and titles and aspects. One epithet/aspect was Regina (Queen). As Juno Regina she was the queen of gods, wife (and sister) of Jupiter, the king of Gods and, thus, a matron. She was a protector Rome and counsellor of the state. With Jupiter and Minerva she was part of the Capitoline Triad, the chief trinity of Roman religion. She was connected with all aspects of the life of women (marriage, conception, pregnancy and childbirth) as the individual guardian goddess of women (while men had a guardian spirit called Genius). Every woman had her Juno.

The wholeness of Juno has to be understood by looking at her three main aspects together: sovereignty and protection, war, and fertility. Her many aspect were indicated by her many epithets or titles.

As Juno Sospita (the Saviour) she, portrayed as an armed deity, she was invoked originally as a saviour of women but eventually as saviour of the state. She was the patroness of the Lupercalia a purification festival and protects the Romans from the risk of contamination through the contact with the underworld which occurs in the month of February. As Juno Lucina (light) she is represented cyclical renewal of time in the waning and waxing of the moon and was the protectress of childbirth. She helped to bring children to the light of the world and she was said the to set and strengthen a child's bones. She was also the patron of a rite of purification and fertility for couples. As Juno Curitis, she was associated with war. She had to be invoked by those involved in war. As Juno Moneta (the warner) she was the protector of the military and had an oracular character of announcing perils and enemy attacks. As Juno Caprotina she seemed to combine the three aspects of Juno: a sovereign protectress, warrior and fertiliser. She presided over the caprificatio, a festival where branches of wild fig trees were fastened to cultivated ones to promote insemination. She was also associated to a myth were some Roman female slaves women offered themselves besiegers to protect Rome, got the besiegers drunk, stole their swords and signalled the Romans to storm their camp. Juno Moneta

Juno Spospita had a temple on the Palatine Hill, Juno Lucina on the Cispian Hill, one of the three summits of the Esquiline Hill, Juno Moneta on the Capitoline Hill, and Juno Carpotina, in the Fields of Mars. Juno Regina had two temples, one on the Aventine Hill and one at the circus flaminius.

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Q: What was juno god of?
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What are facts about the Roman God Juno?

The roman goddess Juno was the goddess of marrige and life and is equivalent to the greek god Hera acording to legond Juno was married to Jupiter- god of the sky.

Juno is the god of what?

Protector of marriage

What god was mad at Aeneas?


Who did Jupiter and Juno give birth to?

Jupiter and Juno gave birth to Mars, the god of war.

What was Juno the greek god in charge of?

Juno was not a greek god. He was a Roman god who is sometimes associated with the Greek god Hera. They are said to be very similar. Hera was in charge of married women and families.

Where does the Greek god Juno live?

In the sun.

Who is Jupiter's wife in Roman mythology?

Jupiter is the supreme GOD of the Roman pantheon, called dies pater, "shining father". He is a god of light and sky, and protector of the state and its laws. He is a son of Saturn and brother of Neptune and Juno (who is also his wife).Yes, Juno is the wife of Jupiter. In Greek mythology, their equivalents are Hera and Zeus.

What god's Roman Name is Juno?

It was actually a goddess- The Greek name for Juno was Hera, the wife of Zeus.

Juno and pan who are they?

Juno is the roman name for Hera(Queen of Gods) and Pan is god of wilderness(hes a satyr)

What is the name of the roman god Jupiters wife?

The name of the Roman god Jupiter's wife is Juno. She was considered the queen of the gods and the protector of women and marriage.

Which god is just like hera?

Juno is the Roman equivalent to Hera. juno is another word for Hera there the same thing

Did Pluto the roman god have any sisters?

The three daughters of Saturn are Juno Vesta Ceres