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Q: What was mothers called day in the middle ages?
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What time period is called the middle ages and what was the middle ages?

The middle ages (also called the dark ages or medevil ages) was the time between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. This was the time of Knights and peasants, of dragons(not really!!) and wicked warlords(really!!). During the middle ages many of modern day west European countries were born, such as France, England, and Spain.

What are the ages of buddhism?

The three ages of Buddhism are the Former Day of the Law, the Middle Day of the Law, and the Latter Day of the Law.

What was the sacred day in the middle ages?

Sacred days were called feasts, feast days, or holy days. The term holiday came from holy day.

What is May Day?

may day was a holiday celebrated in the middle ages in may

What date was the first clarinet made?

The clarinet has its roots in single-reed instruments used during the middle ages in Europe and the Middle East. Between the middle ages and the 18th century, the modern day clarinet was developed from a Baroque instrument called the "chalumeau."

Why are only mother's celebrated on Mother's Day?

Because its called MOTHERS day. you're not going to celebrate your dad on mothers day - there is fathers day for that :)

When the Mother's Day is celebrated what is the date in Pakistan?

15 B.C. was the last mothers day in the middle east....... :)

How do you get to heaven in the Middle Ages?

In the middle ages you could go to heaven by going to church every day and if you were rich you could buy your way into heaven.

Where was Constantinople in the middle ages?

In what is now modern day Istanbul, Turkey

What did the middle ages people do during the day?

The Middle Ages was a time when little else was thought of but surviving to the next day. Only base essentials, such as work, eat and sleep were ever done.

What normally happens in boxing day?

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. it is celebrated during the middle ages and it is when you get gifts

Did they have lunch in the medieval era?

In the Middle Ages, they had a meal in the middle of the day, but they called it dinner. For wealthy people, it was the first meal of the day, because they did not eat breakfast. Working people at both meals, because they needed energy for work.

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