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There are different types of catapults. Simple ones can be called catapults or onagers. Other types of siege, like the trebuchet, is a tall and long ranged version of a catapult. There is also a type which acts like a large crossbow, which of the name varies.

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Q: What was the Name for medieval catapult?
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What was the medieval catapult made of?

oak wood :)

How many people did it take to make a catapult?

The exact number of people it takes to make a medieval catapult. :-)

What is a mongonal?

Medieval catapult like siege weapon.

When did they use the catapult?

1734-1785 Medieval Period

Where were catapults built in medieval times?

They were built in catapult factories.

Why did they make the catapult?

to throw big stones at enemies in medieval time.

Was every medieval catapult English?

God only knows. Soz!!

How many people did it take to make a medieval catapult?

The average medielval catapult was manned by four men, two to wind the rope taught, one for range finding and aiming, and the last man for loading and firing.

What Medieval weapon could hurl things over castle walls?


What is a good name for a catapult?

Why dont you name your catapult after a Roman or Greek God Eg: Kronos, Venus Or after a real catapult Eg: Big Bertha

7 different weapons from Medieval?

sword, mace, bow, catapult, crossbow, javaline and cannon

What are the benefits of a medieval catapult?

They would catapult large rocks to break the walls of cities to gain access killing some of the enemy in the process.