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The knights were originally the heavy cavalry. The word knight came to be a title, usually given by a monarch, and was regarded as the lowest level of the nobility.

A vassal was a person who had a relationship of mutual obligation with a lord. The vassal sword loyalty and obedience, and the lord granted land and protection in exchange.

A vassal could be a knight, and a knight could be a vassal, but there was nothing saying they had to be.

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Q: What was the difference between a knight and a vassal?
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What is the difference between vassal and knight?

Nothing. A knight could be a vassal to his liege lord. When a squire is knighted, the new knight must swear alligence to his lord. When a liege lord calls on his vassals in times of war, the vassal knights must come to fight for him.

Difference between vassal in medieval ages and fief?

A vassal was a person, and a fief was land. A vassal swore allegiance and support to a king, and the king gave the vassal fief to live on.

What is another world for knight?


What was the loyalty of a vassal to his lord?

It was called the feudal system, a knight would promise the lord loyalty and protection in return for land which would make the knight a vassal. The vassal and his family now fought for the lord and they were always loyal.

Is a fief is the troops of knights granted to the vassal?

It is true that a fief is the troops of knight that was granted to the vassal.

In exchange for land a knight agrees to be a sub vassal to a vassal. this agreement was known as?

The agreement you are referring to is called "subinfeudation."

What was the agreement whereby a knight becomes a sub vassal to a vassal in exchange for land?

The agreement you are referring to is known as subinfeudation. In this arrangement, a knight (sub-vassal) would pledge loyalty and service to a vassal in exchange for receiving a portion of land to govern and protect. This system created a hierarchy of land ownership and military obligations within the feudal system.

What is the difference between a samurai and shogun?

The difference between a shogun and a samurai is like the difference between a king and a knight.

What is the relationship between a knight and a powerful noble?

A knight would often be a vassal of a more powerful noble, or subsidiary to the noble in another way.A powerful noble could also hold a knighthood himself.

How feudalism worked.?

First, a noble would hand a bit of land called a fief to one of his most trusted being called a vassals in exchange for protection like a knight. The vassal must swear and oath that he will be loyal to his noble. A noble who gives a fief to a knight is called a lord. This vassal may hand a bit of land to another vassal, who we'll call vassal B and he shall swear an oath and so on. So one can be a lord and vassal.

What is the Toll paid by vassal?

A vassal was usually a knight that had been given land by his king or overlord. The vassel owed the lord time as a knight. If there was a war he had to give 2 months time, no war he gave time for training and duty to the estate.

What is the difference between a knight and a knave?

A knight is...well a knight but a knave is a male servant. Two totally different things.