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Mercantile was the primary occupation along with farming during the the Middle Ages.

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Q: What was the main occupation of people during medieval times?
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Where did people live during the medieval times?

The same places they live now.

What percent of people rode horses during the medieval times?

50% - 80% of people rode horses during that time.

Why did people build castles during the medieval period?

So that they could be protected during times of war

What is golf in medieval times?

Golf wasn't created during the medieval times.

Were the people in Medieval plays more famous than the average people?

Acting in medieval times wasn't a full-time occupation. I think it is significant that the names of actors in medieval Mystery Plays haven't been recorded. The actors were not comparable in status to modern actors.

What entertainment was available to people during medieval times?

people got enter tained by compertitions such as jousting

What is that movie called where people get stuck in the medieval times during a war?

"Timeline" (2003).

What was the job of a pilgrim in Medieval Times?

A pilgrim could be anything, occupation wise. Pilgrims were (are) people who made journeys to visit sites of religious importance.

How did you have to behave around the king and queen during medieval times?

People in medieval times has to show deference to the king and queen. They had to speak only when spoken to, and usually had to bow and curtsy.

What did the medieval people use to make the clothes?

People used different materials during different time eras. In the medieval times, people used cotton, silk and burlap as a clothing source.

When were late medieval castles built?

during late medieval times :p

What did the people during Medieval Times think if a cake fell while baking?

I don't think they had cake in medieval times. Bread was about it when it came to baked goods. Bread will almost always rise.