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St. John's Wort was a treatment for snakebite.

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Q: What was the medieval time cure for a snakebite?
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What was the cure for black death on the medieval times?

I'm pretty sure that there was no cure. There probably wasnt a cure in that time but they did use religion as a 'cure'

How do you cure a nonvenomous snakebite?

Wash it out thoroughly with soap and water,apply some NEOSPORIN and cover with a band aid.

How did medieval physicians attempt to cure Leprosy?

during medieval periods, the cure for leprosy was unknown, and the treatment given was isolation.

How do you cure medieval stuffed nose?

unblock it

What was a cure for stomach ache in medieval times?


How did they treat tonsillitis in medieval times?

In medieval times they would have used certain herbs to help cure or help with the pain.

What is the name of the medieval dance used to cure the bite from a spider?

The Tarantella.

In medieval times what did they use to cure hiccups?

they drink lot of water

When was Snakebite - album - created?

Snakebite - album - was created on 13-04-07.

What was the cure for measles in medieval times?

In medieval times, there was no specific cure for measles. Treatment typically involved rest, staying hydrated, and managing symptoms like fever and rash. Some herbal remedies or bloodletting may have been used as well, but they were not very effective.

How can to cure snakebite piercings?

You cannot "cure" a piercing, per-se. If you remove a lip piercing, the hole will close as with any other piercing, though, depending on how long the piercing was in place will define the length of time it takes for the piercing to close entirely. if the piercing has been in place for some time, there is a likelihood that the piercing will scar. The scar will not be immediately noticeable, and will take the shape- in most cases- of a small crater at the site of the piercing.

How did they cure malaria in Medieval Times?

They didn't. People died from malaria and they didn't know what it was or caused by.