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the unification of Germany

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Q: What was the most important development in Europe between 1848 and 1914?
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What century would 1848 be?

the 19th century

What is the date that of the discovery of gold in California?

Gold was discovered in California on January 24, 1848.

Why did the conflict arise in 1848 in western territories over the issue of slavery?

In the election of 1848, the Democrats chose a platform that remained silent on slavery. Nominee Lewis Cass was pro-slavery, so many anti-slavery Democrats walked out of the Baltimore convention to begin the Free Soil party.

How did mining spread in the west?

After a discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in California, in 1848 fortune-hunters, lanky nest and big family's, headed west

What is meant by 1848 revolution of liberals?

The 1848 revolution of the liberals refers to the various national movements pioneered by educated middle classes alongside the revolts of the poor, unemployed and starving peasants and workers in Europe. While in countries like France, food shortages and widespread unemployment during 1848 led to popular uprisings, in other parts of Europe (such as Germany, Italy, Poland and the Austro-Hungarian Empire), men and women of the liberal middle classes came together to voice their demands for the creation of nation-states based on parliamentary principles. In Germany, for example, various political associations comprising middle-class professionals, businessmen and prosperous artisans came together in Frankfurt to form an all-German National Assembly. This Frankfurt parliament drafted a constitution for a German nation to be headed by a monarchy subject to a parliament. Though such liberal movements were ultimately suppressed by conservative forces, the old order could never be restored. The monarchs realised that the cycles of revolution and repression could only be ended by granting concessions to the liberal-nationalist revolutionaries. The political, social and economic ideas supported by the liberals were clearly based on democratic ideals. Politically, they demanded constitutionalism with national unification-a nation-state with a written constitution and parliamentary administration. They wanted to rid society of its class-based partialities and birth rights. Serfdom and bonded labour had to be abolished, and economic equality had to be pursued as a national goal. The right to property was also significant in the liberals' concept of a nation based on political, social and economic freedom.

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Between 1815 and 1848 the Congress of Vienna and the Concert of Europe suppressed nationalism by?

Ensuring a balance of power between nationensuring a balance of power between nations

The 1848 Springtime of Peoples occurred across .?

If you are on Odysseyware: Europe

Why was 1848 important year?

Mexican-American War formally ends in 1848.

What sources of discontent led to revolts across Europe in 1848?

The Revolutions of 1848 that swept across Europe were important to the history of the continent. They were social revolutions of discontent that can be put down to three main factors. The first is the overall discontent in Europe at the time. The second is the large tide of liberalism in Europe, and the third is the large sense of nationalism created by foreign rule and hopes of unification. Despite the Paris Revolution of February 1848 being generally considered the cause of the revolutions, this revolution itself was created by the three aforementioned factors and was only the spark that set off the European-wide wave of revolutions.

What ideology was at the root of the revolutions that occurred in Europe in 1848?

Monarchy versus Republic.

Is the wave of revolutions across Europe in 1848 known as the springtime of people?


Is the wave of revolutions across Europe in 1848 is known as the Springtime of Peoples.?


What ideology was the root of the revolutions that occurred in Europe in 1848?

Monarchy versus Republic.

What ideology was at the root of the revolution that occurred in Europe in 1848?

Monarchy versus Republic.

What were the most important consequences of unrest in Germany in 1848?


What were the important consequence of political unrest in Germany in 1848?


This country has two of Europe's oldest daily newspapers which were founded in 1848 and 1880?